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Visit Cape Verde For affordable, friendly & relaxed winter sun holidays

09 October 2018 - General

Often overlooked in favour of the more glamorous (not to mention more expensive) Caribbean, Cape Verde is made up of ten beautiful, volcanic islands nestled in the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. With year-round sunshine warming its idyllic beaches, th Read more...

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Home Insurance: 5 Common Myths Uncovered

05 October 2018 - General

With plenty of lingering myths surrounding home insurance, it’s hard to distinguish between fact and fiction, but fear not - Age Partnership is here to uncover the truth between what’s real and what’s not. Here is your guide to 5 common home insuran Read more »

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Are We Turning Our Back On The ‘Throwaway’ Society?

04 October 2018 - General

Do you remember the time where hand-me-downs were part of everyday life? Rummaging through your sister’s out-grown clothes, finding home for Granny’s chest of drawers or fixing a puncture on the bike passed from your neighbour? It all changed when mas Read more »

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Retirement

04 October 2018 - General

The word ‘retirement’ can conjure up different emotions for different people. For some it brings the opportunity of more free time to do the things that they enjoy, for others the amount of free time comes with some anxieties. Read more »

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Partnership with SunLife and Carol Vorderman adds up for Age

04 April 2018 - General

Age Partnership is creating 40 new jobs following the announcement of a partnership with financial services giant, SunLife, to launch its equity release service for the over 55s. Read more »