Time to discover Asia

Kids flown the nest? Here’s some inspiration for your next holiday…

Work and school⁠-⁠age children mean that we often have to make concessions when it comes to travel. You may have spent the last couple of decades constrained to booking getaways during school holidays. Or perhaps paying for all of you has meant that your budget hasn’t stretched as far as you’d have liked. Once your kids have left home or you’ve retired, you have more freedom. So if you’ve ever fancied travelling to Asia, now could be your time!

The English winter months are the best time to travel to Asia, as the weather is more bearable for exploring the culture and beautiful scenery. It may not be their hottest time of year, but it’s a whole lot more pleasant than the weather back home. Here are our top picks of where to go:


Blessed with hot temperatures all year round, Thailand is known for its tropical beaches and mouth⁠-⁠watering street food.


The best time to go is between November and March – but this also means that it’s the peak tourist season so prices will be higher. April to June is very hot, and the rainy season runs from June to October.


Aside from breath⁠-⁠taking beaches, you’ll find ancient ruins and ornate Buddhist temples galore. Phuket is the perfect destination for beach lovers, whilst bustling Bangkok is rich in markets and delicious food.


From ancient architecture and stunning beaches to delicious local delicacies, Vietnam has so much to offer travellers.


Spring and Autumn are the best times to go to the north of Vietnam, if you don’t like it too hot – with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. The tropical south can be very humid and wet, but the driest period is January to March.


Ho Chi Min and Hanoi are vibrant cities but there are plenty of places to escape the hustle and bustle – from a cruise on the Mekong river to the UNESCO protected Silk Route city, Hoi An.