What could a Lasting Power of Attorney mean for you?

What could a Lasting Power of Attorney mean for you?

What is it?

A legal document that lets you choose a trustworthy friend(s) or family member(s) to look after your affairs should you lose capacity yourself.

Why do you need it?

Should you ever lose capacity due to an accident or illness, you can allow those you trust to make decisions on your behalf with an LPA. Without an LPA in place, your next of kin can’t automatically make decisions for you.

Which types are available?

There are two types of LPA available which cover your health & welfare and your property & finances.

What requests can be included?

Typical requests made to Age Partnership include: Who will manage your bank accounts and bills?

Types of medication and care you would prefer. Who can act on your behalf relating to equity release? Some of the more unusual and personal requests include: Ensuring regular haircuts and manicures are carried out. Having a glass of wine with an evening meal.

For more information about your LPA, Will or both FREEPHONE 0800 316 7536 or visit www.agepartnership.co.uk/lasting-power-of-attorney/