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Worried about your interest-only mortgage?

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If your mortgage term is coming to an end and you still owe money on your mortgage, you will have some big decisions to make regarding how you repay the outstanding amount.

If you cannot agree new terms with your mortgage provider and do not want to sell your home, then you will need to consider the alternatives available. This could mean taking out another mortgage.

How we could help you

Our interest-only maturity advice service has been specifically designed to support you if you have not got the money available to repay your mortgage. Once you have established the options available to you with your existing mortgage provider, you may wish to consider alternative options and this is where our service can help.

Equity Release

Equity release refers to a range of products available to those aged 55 or older that allow you to access your housing wealth without having to sell or move. With the most popular form of equity release, a lifetime mortgage, there is the option to make monthly payments or roll the interest into the mortgage to be repaid when the house is eventually sold. You can also choose a variable interest rate or the certainty of a rate which is fixed for the life of your mortgage. Lending is not based on affordability but rather on your age, health and property value.

Retirement Mortgages

Retirement mortgage refers to a group of later life mortgages aimed at helping customers who are over 50 years old use their property to raise money for any purpose.

Age Partnership’s mortgage service have access to a large panel of high street and specialist lenders to provide advice across later life mortgage types;

  • Retirement Interest Only (RIO) – designed to help borrowers raise money against their property whilst keeping payments low through only repaying interest. There is no exact end of term as the capital borrowed is repaid on sale of property, moving into care or on death
  • Later Life Repayment Mortgages – standard repayment mortgages but with terms of up to 40 years and maximum ages of 95 years old, allowing you to raise the money affordably whilst cutting down the size of your loan over time, meaning that more of your property can be passed onto your loved ones

Residential mortgages

Although your existing mortgage may no longer be suitable, you may be able to re–mortgage to an alternative product or provider. Any new mortgage will require monthly repayments and the capital balance would still need to be repaid in the future. It is unlikely that this will be a permanent solution as most mortgages will have to be repaid by a specified age. However it could provide breathing space to consider your long–term plans.

Benefits of choosing Age Partnership

At Age Partnership, we believe that people who are at, or approaching retirement deserve to get the best out of life. Our award–winning service can offer expert, honest advice and our advisors will work with you to determine what alternative solutions you can consider; helping you to make an informed decision about your interest–only mortgage.

As one of the UK’s leading retirement specialists we’re proud to have helped over one million people explore their options when borrowing in retirement. Should you choose to proceed we can provide comprehensive advice across residential mortgages, retirement mortgages and equity release.

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Things to consider

Think carefully before securing debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We provide initial advice for free and without obligation. Only if you choose to proceed and your case completes would a fixed fee of £1,795 be payable.

Equity release may involve a lifetime or home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

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