5 Reasons why you should consider moving to be beside the seaside

There are many good reasons why retiring to the seaside is the favourable choice for many.

Whilst we’re in the depths of winter and the appeal of sitting on the beach on a deckchair no longer seems like the best idea, the charm of being beside the seaside need not just be confined to the warmest months of the year.

Although resort towns have become less fashionable in the last decade or two, there is still an appeal to living on the coast which continues to attract many retirees.

We have looked at the five most commons reasons for making the move:

The Views

Much of the coast around the UK is blessed with exceptional natural beauty, framing the ocean sea views perfectly. Scotland is particularly notable for its sweeping bays and diverse scenery, with a vast amount of sea lochs and rugged islands including Skye and Arran. Other notable locations across the UK include the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, the immense white chalk cliffs of the Channel Coast in Kent and Sussex, and Scarborough with its cliffs and headlands up in the North.

Good Exercise

Living in a place where you are surrounded by breath taking views and impeccable landscapes can make for an enticing place to explore. Whilst exercising on the coastline can be challenging it can provide those capable with endless walking, cycling and climbing routes as well as less common alternative activities including kite surfing and sailing.

But, for those that prefer less intense exercise, a brisk walk down to the promenade or through the towns and villages surrounding the coast can make for an equally enjoyable time. A pathway linking the whole of England’s coastline is still in progress but for those keen to get out there sooner, Wales and Cornwall already have a coastal path, allowing you to walk alongside the breath⁠-⁠taking landscape.

A Great Place for Grandchildren

Many grandparents will look forward to having their grandchildren visit them, wherever that may be. Trips to the seaside are a childhood memory cherished by many. Being able to host your family’s next generation is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family and introduce them to experiences you may have once had in your younger years. Activities include spending time on the beach, padding in the shallows, taking a boat trip or enjoying the many attractions lining much of the UK’s coastline – all of which will ensure you’ll all looking forward to their next visit.

The Fresh Air

For the most part, small towns and villages that overlook the sea also offer something which many town and city dwellers crave – fresh air! Unlike big cities across the country, along the coast there is very little to create smoke or fumes. It is for this reason that areas such as the North Sea coast in Yorkshire, North Wales or the South-West are popular retirement and residential spots.

Meet New Like⁠-⁠minded Friends

Retiring to the coast is such a popular choice, chances are you will come into contact and find opportunities to spend time with like⁠-⁠minded people. You could seek to make new friendships where you’re able to enjoy the range of activities available together.