Give Your Savings and Investments a Health Check Before Winter

Now that summer is over and we’re in the full throes of Autumn, the darker colder nights can provide the perfect backdrop for staying inside, keeping cosy and getting your finances in order.

You may find that you have endless piles of mail to open that you presumed was junk – check it all as you never know what those envelopes could contain.

Whilst you’re having a clear out of paper keep an eye out for any correspondence regarding bank accounts that you may not have used for a while. Almost £1bn is held in dormant bank accounts in the UK – make sure you’re not adding to this statistic by keeping on top of your paperwork.

According to the Financial Times, a current or savings account is labelled dormant if it has not been used for 15 years and the customer has not replied to correspondence asking if they wish it to remain open’. You can even give your ‘live’ bank accounts a health check by looking for any payments you do not recognise or direct debits you thought you had cancelled.

Challenge anything that seems wrong, and claim back any money that could be owed to you, for example, from an old insurance policy that you’re no longer using.

Investing your hard earned cash

If you have a lump sum of savings sitting in a low return account it may be worth getting a review with a financial advisor. A detailed review of your finances can help you understand what may be possible for you to achieve from your savings, when taking into account your particular circumstances and attitude to risk.

At Age Partnership we understand that you’ve worked hard for your money, so now let it work for you.

Our team of Financial Planners can provide you with guidance and advice for a range of investment solutions. From stocks and shares ISAs to onshore and offshore bonds, during a free initial financial review the Financial Planner will provide you a balanced jargon free explanation of the options available to you. Whether you’re tidying up your finances or taking a more detailed review of how your money is performing for you. It’s important that you stay on top of your hard earned money. Your investment may fall as well as rise and you may not get back what you put in.

**The financial review is free of charge but there will be a fee for implementing your initial recommendation and ongoing advice.

Pension income advice

Getting your finances in order before you retire has to be the key to a having an enjoyable stress⁠-⁠free retirement, surely?

And while everyone is aware of what a pension can do for them, not everyone knows about the different options available to them to help secure the best income from their pension. And even if they do, they may want more of a steer to choose the most appropriate solution to guarantee the best return for their attitude to risk. It's the job of our qualified Financial Planners to assess your plans for retirement, taking into account your personal and financial situation, before recommending a tailored solution for you. This could help you with early retirement, or simply to achieve a better income for you in your later years.