Top Seven Overseas Retirement Destinations

Departing to a sun⁠-⁠soaked overseas destination is high up on the retirement wish list for many Britons – looking to leave the rain behind and truly enjoy their golden years. If you are currently weighing up your options when it comes to retiring overseas, we have put together this guide to the top seven overseas retirement destinations for Britons.


Hardly a surprising entrant to begin with, we Brits have been crossing to Spain in droves for over half a century. With an abundance of amenities targeted at Brits and almost year⁠-⁠round sunshine, many people believe Spain offers a more relaxed retirement than Blighty.

A popular choice with retirees who have spent their annual holidays visiting the country; Spain is packed full of eminent retirement destinations. Investopedia suggests these five cities for retirees, depending upon what you want to get out of the experience.


Eternally popular due to its inherent romance and close proximity to the UK, France offers culture in the North and beautiful relaxation in the South. Whether you want to tread the same tiles as Hemingway, Hugo and Fitzgerald in Paris, or simply wish to relax with a glass of locally grown Bordeaux; France is well⁠-⁠suited to a range of passions and retirement pursuits. International Living went as far as to suggest that Bordeaux is the best place to retire in the whole of France.


Nowhere offers such a large mixture of different retirement options as the USA. From the warm and wonderful star⁠-⁠studded Los Angeles to the fast⁠-⁠paced New York and the 46 states in between (plus Alaska and Hawai’i); whatever the experience you are looking for in retirement, the USA can provide it. With English as the first language and a culture closer to our own, acclimatising to the USA shouldn’t take very long – except the weather may be a shock if you’re looking at the South.

The Sunshine State, Florida, is the unofficial home of retirees in the USA, and it’s no surprise with almost 250 days of sunshine every year in some of the state’s towns.


Only for the more adventurous of retirees; Australia demands you uproot to the other side of the planet, complete exhaustive paperwork and compete with some of the world’s biggest spiders. However, when you’ve got past that, Australia is a country which offers exceptional beauty, unforgettable experiences and a unique, relaxed culture.

The country is jam⁠-⁠packed with fantastic places to retire, but has managed to narrow it down to the top 11.


With free healthcare and a more neutral stance in global politics, Canada is often seen as a safer, more considered retirement destination than her neighbour to the south. As the second largest country in the world, Canada’s climate and culture is vastly different depending where you choose to lay your hat.

MoneySense listed Ottawa as the best city in Canada for retirees thanks to its large number of amenities and relatively low property tax. The picturesque city is close to neighbouring Montreal, Quebec and Toronto as well as the East Coast cities of the USA, giving retirees plenty of places to explore.


Few countries stimulate the senses like Italy. Home to some of the world’s most famous pieces of art, the world’s most celebrated culinary achievements and miles upon miles of stunning countryside; Italy evokes a romanticised version of life unlike anywhere else on the planet. Picnicking in Tuscany, traversing the canals of Venice and exploring the riches of Rome are just some of the pleasurable pursuits enjoyed by retirees to Italy.

Expat Exchange puts the island of Sicily forward as one of the country’s premier retirement spots.


Portugal, and in particular the Algarve, has emerged as a hugely popular holiday and retirement destination since the 1960s. With fewer high⁠-⁠rise hotels than neighbouring Spain, Portugal is often preferred by the retirees who are chasing the quiet life; the nation still offers months of beautiful sunshine, sparkling waters and a large percentage of English speakers.

In fact, Forbes Magazine reckons that the Algarve might just be the best place in the world to retire.

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