Five Simple Tools to Discover Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re simply curious, or wish to include the equity you’ve invested in your home as part of a financial investment, it can be incredibly useful to have an up⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠date, accurate idea of your property’s value. And determining this value does not always necessitate a call to the estate agent to arrange a time⁠-⁠consuming viewing and valuation, thanks to any one of these five simple tools.


A great place to start when trying to figure out how much your home is worth, the Government’s website has a bespoke house price trend tool. Using the House Price Index, the Government’s site offers a huge array of info including current house prices, monthly and yearly changes as well as the number of sales which are completed in your local area.

Giving you a good insight into how the value of your house has changed over the years, the tool tracks average prices back to 1995.

Right Move

With more than a million UK properties advertised on the website, online portal Right Move certainly has a wealth of information to help you understand the state of the UK’s property market. As well as searching for your next home, Right Move offers you the chance to view the going rates for similar properties in your area. The House Prices function simply asks you a few questions about your home, and then uses its database to draw up the values of similar properties.


A major rival of Right Move, Zoopla offers a similar but more comprehensive and detailed House Prices function. Requiring the creation of an account and asking more detailed and in⁠-⁠depth questions, Zoopla aim to give you a more accurate valuation than their big competitor. It is completely free to create an account with Zoopla, so it may be worth using both of these tools to give a closer idea of your home’s valuation.

Property Price Advice

Unlike Right Move and Zoopla, the primary function of Property Price Advice is to help home owners understand the current value of their property. Their Free Valuation tool again necessitates the creation of an account, asking similar questions to Zoopla. However the site also allows you to check historical selling prices of homes in your area – giving you a greater indication of local trends and fluctuations.

London & Country

Using data provided by Zoopla, London & Country’s House Price Calculator does not require the same level of information to help you determine how much your home may be worth. Simply type in your post code and the site will draw up all the values in your area. Not only will you get an insight into your home’s estimated value, but also your neighbours’ house values.

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