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Calculate the best way to take your pension savings

Upon entering retirement, you may be expecting to receive a set amount of your pension every week for the rest of your life – with little variation or control. However, there are still options to influence how much you take home every week, and how much you can earn in total.

At Age Partnership, we are dedicated to helping retirees understand exactly how they can get their pensions working at their optimum level – introducing them to certain financial products and services.

Subsequently, we have developed a number of calculator tools, to help you discover just how hard your pension is working, and whether it could be working harder for you. The following tools could improve your financial situation in retirement – helping you maintain a lifestyle, or cover certain luxuries.

The Pension Income Calculator could introduce you to a large number of different pension options to help improve your finances in retirement.

It is possible to withdraw your entire pension in one lump sum – however it may be subjected to a high level of taxation. The Pension Tax Calculator helps you determine how much tax will be applied should you choose this option.

The Lifetime Annuity Calculator compares the annuity rates offered by leading income providers.

If you are considering a pension drawdown, the free Pension Drawdown Calculator can help you identify how this option could affect you and your finances in retirement.

Keeping you up to date with live fixed-term annuity quotes from leading providers, the Fixed-Term Annuity Calculator can help you find the most beneficial package for your circumstances.

Naturally, these calculators are designed to simply introduce you to the different options available in retirement. For a more in-depth discussion about how to make your finances work for you, contact the Age Partnership team for impartial advice and assistance.

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