Why it’s important to talk about death ⁠-⁠ 5 tips to prepare for the future

Contemplating the future and thinking about death isn’t often a popular topic of conversation, Age Partnership have found that 42% of over 55s don’t discuss their later years with friends or family, however it’s important to realise why talking about death is an important conversation to have.

Consider your funeral arrangements

Arranging a prepaid funeral plan at today’s prices, can not only take away some of the worry for your loved ones, but also stands to potentially save them thousands by avoiding rising funeral costs.

Worries you have about being ill and dying

Stating how you would like to be looked after if you become ill or lose mental capacity is an important consideration to make as it puts you in control so that you can adequately prepare for the future. Only a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can make your requests a legal requirement; what’s more it can cover both your financial affairs and health requirements.

Saving a life when you’ve gone

There are currently 6,500 people across the UK waiting for an organ donor – in the event of your death you could potentially save or greatly enhance the life of another by agreeing to donate.

However, if this is something you would not like, it is also worth making your family aware of your decision.

Care of dependents

Thinking of your loved ones in the event of your death – whether it be partners, children or pets – is important so that you can document in your Will what you would like to leave behind to them or state any care arrangements you would like them to receive.

Manage your ‘digital afterlife’

Not as important as the points above, but most of us have an online presence, and you may want to consider what will happen to the accounts you hold – such as your email or social media profiles – when you’re no longer here.




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