Drawdown Service Guarantee

We’ll provide you with great service or elseā€¦ we’ll pay you £100!

When you set up pension drawdown with Age Partnership we hope that you will be continually delighted by the value, flexibility and service standards that we offer. But so as to put our money where our mouth is, we offer a £100 service guarantee.

So if for any reason, you decide to move your account to pension drawdown with another company, not only do we pledge to put no barriers or exit penalties in your way, but we’ll also pay you £100.

Of course, it’s our job to make sure that this is a guarantee that you won’t be using!

Terms & Conditions

If you choose to move your pension drawdown account to an alternative provider we will pay you £100 when you leave, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Applies to existing drawdown customers moving their entire pension drawdown account to an alternative pension drawdown provider at any point.
  • Does not apply to closure of drawdown account due to withdrawal of last remaining funds.
  • Applies to drawdown-to-drawdown transfers only.
  • Excludes those converting their pension drawdown fund into an alternative product such as an annuity, fixed-term annuity or investment-linked annuity.
  • The guarantee is applicable to our drawdown service only.
  • Upon completion of the drawdown-to-drawdown transfer, the customer should call 0800 975 5151to claim his/her cheque.
  • Provided the terms and conditions of this offer have been met, a cheque for £100 will be sent within 28 days of being claimed.
  • By receiving £100 in relation to this guarantee, the client is in no way committed to using any of Age Partnership’s services.
  • This offer does not in any way affect the client’s statutory rights.
  • Any payment made or communication issued under the drawdown service Guarantee does not represent an admission of liability on the part of Age Partnership or its staff.

¹ The value of your savings and the income taken from may go down as well as up. There is no guarantee of a fund performance meeting future income needs.

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