Meet our team

As an equal-opportunities employer, Age Partnership is committed to developing a safe, professional and fun place to work, where mutual respect and consideration are the norm. Our management team are all very passionate about our business, the people we work with and the customers we help.

  • Andrew Thirkill
    Founder and Group Chairman

    Andrew recognised the increasing importance of equity release in retirement planning back in 2003, establishing Age Partnership in 2004 and obtaining FCA permissions to trade in 2005. With no financial service background or experience to fall back on, this was not an easy journey.

    Andrew is extremely passionate and active within the business and drives our strategy and growth and insists our clients are treated respectfully and fairly, something which is a core DNA of the company’s culture.

    Andrew was instrumental in the launch of the Age Partnership Charitable Foundation, donating a proportion of company profits to supporting good causes within the local community.

  • Tim Loy
    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Tim became Chief Executive Officer of Age Partnership in 2005, leading the company from start-up to retirement-income market leader and achieving Sunday Times ‘Fast Track 100’ status in 2011.

    Prior to joining Age Partnership, Tim worked for KPMG before taking on Finance Director Roles with a diverse range of high-growth businesses.

    “We are incredibly passionate about providing our customers with the best service available in the retirement market. As a result, I am extremely proud that the investment we have made in our service has been independently rated as “Exceptional” by the Investor in Customers organisation.”

  • Dan Baines
    Commercial Director

    Dan joined Age Partnership in 2007 to lead the company’s sales & marketing activity, since which time he has achieved a track record of developing highly-regarded and often market-changing services that put the customer at their very heart.

    Prior to joining Age Partnership, Dan worked in private healthcare with laser eye specialist, Ultralase, where he performed turnaround management for troubled business units.

    “We have an inherent desire to be the best at what we do, which means we never stop looking for ways to improve. We strive to create a service and a culture whereby colleagues and customers alike see Age Partnership as a place that stands out from the crowd, for all the right reasons.”

  • Simon Warhurst
    Operations Director

    Simon joined Age Partnership in 2006, and has been the driving force behind Age Partnership’s market-leading systems and IT infrastructure almost since the company’s inception.

    Prior to joining Age Partnership, Simon previously worked as Head of IT at private healthcare provider, Ultralase.

    “Striving to delight our customers is a key area of focus for our business and our colleagues, both in terms of the value of the products that we offer and in the way that we deliver our service. Listening to customers and acting on feedback that we receive is embedded in the culture of Age Partnership and allows us to continually improve the service that we offer.”

  • Justin Wysocki
    Marketing Director

    Justin joined Age Partnership in 2010 to manage online advertising but quickly progressed onto the Senior Management Team.

    Prior to joining Age Partnership, Justin has had experience of marketing in retail and wider financial services, which included playing a key role in the launch and promotion of a range trading platforms for Halifax Share-Dealing.

    “Providing world-class service stems from having world-class people, who make meeting our customers’ objectives their number one priority. The innovative teams at Age Partnership continuously work hard to provide fantastic customer experiences, getting the best outcome for our customers so they can enjoy their retirement.”

  • Jonathan Simpson
    Finance Director

    Jonathan joined Age Partnership in 2013 as a qualified Chartered Accountant, who has served in a number of executive leadership roles across a range of sectors including private healthcare, marketing and financial services.

    Prior to this, Jonathan spent several years as Finance Director of laser eye surgery provider, Ultralase, overseeing a period of aggressive growth that took the business from a valuation of £30m in 2005 to a £175m private equity acquisition in 2007.

    “I am excited to work for a group that continually pushes the boundaries of the possible to ensure that the customer remains at the heart of everything that we do. There is never a dull moment and it is never a case of ‘that’s the way it has always been’.”

  • Patrick Mitchell
    Non-Executive Director

    Patrick joined Age Partnership as a Non-Executive Director in 2005, to support the Executives with a real focus on customer strategy and ensuring that the customer experience goes from strength to strength.

    “As a non-executive it is critical to know that the group, its people and its systems are at all levels continually driven to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The customer journey is vital to the continued growth and success of the group”.

  • Chris Neave
    Non-Executive Director

    Chris joined Age Partnership as a Non-Executive Director in 2006, contributing to the strategic development of the company.

    Additionally, Chris oversees the Audit and Compliance Committee, where the procedures and policies of the company are continually reviewed to provide customers with the best outcomes.

    “I believe a business that is passionate about customer service has the right focus. When that passion is coupled with an emphasis on delivering high quality, fairness and integrity they always succeed.”