Introducers Agreement

Referral Services

This agreement covers referral services for Equity Release (advised service), Pension Income (advised, guided and execution only services) and Lasting Power of Attorney arrangement (collectively known as The Services), which are provided by Age Partnership Group Limited and its associated subsidiary companies (collectively known as Age).

By making this agreement, the Introducer becomes eligible to make use of all of the above Services, but is under no obligation to use more than one such service in line with his/her preferences.

Payment Arrangements

The Introducer will receive a fee on completion (the Referral Fee) in line with the commercial arrangement that may be agreed between both parties from time to time. Any Referral Fee agreed will be deemed to be inclusive of VAT and will be payable by Age no later than 7 days after completion of the product purchase by the referred customer (the Customer). Introducers who are members of a network (the Network) may be paid the Referral Fee via the Network, in line with the commercial arrangement that may exist between Age and the Network.

For initial equity release loan amounts in excess of £300,000 referral fees are subject to review and to be agreed by Age Partnership before payment.

Obligations of Age

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Age undertakes full responsibility for all advice, guidance and execution-only services that it provides and to discharge all obligations placed on it by all relevant regulatory bodies.

The Customer will become a Customer of Age for the purpose of his/her transaction and a record of business arranged will be maintained by Age for at least five years from when the Customer ceased to be a Customer of Age.

Age will not promote products and/or services to the customer other than those for which the customer has specifically been referred without the express consent of the Introducer.

Obligations of the Introducer

The Introducer will be responsible for accounting to the Customer for any Referral Fee received, in accordance with the requirements of their relevant Professional Body (if applicable).

The Introducer agrees to co-operate fully in the investigation and resolution of any complaints received from a Customer introduced to Age.

Accepting any obligations brought about by the clause above, the Introducer will not otherwise divulge any confidential information relating to Age.

The Introducer shall ensure that express consent has been obtained from the Customer, stating that he/she would like more information on the Service(s) of Age; and that he/she may be contacted by Age, both by post and by telephone. The Introducer shall provide evidence of this consent if requested by Age.

Financial Promotions

The Introducer agrees to take sole responsibility for the channel and content of any promotions that it may conduct in relation to the Services, except where expressly agreed otherwise.

If the Introducer is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it should satisfy itself that any financial promotions are conducted in line with its regulatory obligations.

If the Introducer is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it should satisfy itself that any promotions in relation to the Services are accurate and not in breach of any statutory regulations. If in doubt the Introducer should seek guidance from a suitable third party.


This agreement may be terminated at any time, without penalty, by either party giving notice in writing to that effect to the other. Such termination shall not affect the rights or obligations of the Introducer or Age in respect of business already completed or Customers who have already been referred by the Introducer to Age.

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