Introducers Agreement

Referral Services

This agreement covers referral services for Equity Release (advised service), Mortgages (advised service), Pension Income (advised and guidance services), Estate Planning (arrangement services including Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills), and Insurance (guidance service), which are collectively known as The Services, and are provided by Age Partnership Group Limited and its associated subsidiary companies, collectively known as Age.

By making this agreement, the Introducer becomes eligible to make use of all of the above Services but is under no obligation to use more than one such service in line with their preferences.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be updated from time to time.

Payment Arrangements

A fee (the Referral Fee) will become due following completion of a product purchase by a referred customer (the Customer) in line with the commercial arrangement that may be agreed between both parties from time to time. Any Referral Fee agreed will be deemed to be inclusive of VAT and will be payable by Age within 30 days of Age receiving both commission due from the Product Provider and any advice fee from the Customer. We will contact the Introducer to verify payment details prior to the first payment. Introducers who are members of or introduced to Age by a network (the Network) may be paid the Referral Fee via the Network, in line with the commercial arrangement that may exist between Age and the Network. Please note that Referral Fees will be withheld until Due Diligence is completed.

Commission received by Age is subject to various caps and, as such, Referral Fees paid to introducers under this agreement will not exceed 50% of the total revenue received by Age.

Obligations of Age

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Age undertakes full responsibility for all advice, guidance, and arrangement services that it provides and to discharge all obligations placed on it by all relevant regulatory bodies.

The Customer will become a Customer of Age for the purpose of their transaction and a record of business arranged will be maintained by Age for at least five years from when the Customer ceased to be a Customer of Age.

Where a specific agreement has been made, Age will not promote products and/or services to the Customer other than those for which the Customer has specifically been referred without the express consent of the Introducer.

Obligations of the Introducer

The Introducer must be located in the UK.

The Introducer is responsible for ensuring that customers are targeted appropriately and are not provided with any misleading information regarding the Services available.

The Introducer will be responsible for accounting to the Customer for any Referral Fee received, in accordance with the requirements of their relevant Professional Body (if applicable).

The Introducer agrees to co-operate fully in the investigation and resolution of any complaints received from a Customer introduced to Age.

Accepting any obligations brought about by the clause above, the Introducer will not otherwise divulge any confidential information relating to Age.

Due Diligence

On registration, the Introducer consents to ongoing due diligence checks in accordance with the requirements of Age and the Regulator. The Introducer agrees to complete a “Due Diligence” questionnaire at the time of registration and to update the questionnaire annually, as required by Age.

Ownership Rules

The Introducer shall only have effected an “Introduction” for the purposes of this agreement in respect of those potential customers that:

  • have not been in receipt of regulated equity release advice from Age within 30 (thirty) days preceding the Introduction; and
  • is not party to an active application for a Product via Age

After an Introduction has been effected in accordance with this clause such potential customers shall become an "Introduced Customer" for the purposes of this agreement and shall remain an Introduced Customer until the earlier of:

  • 24 months from the most recent Introduction; or
  • The potential customer is introduced to Age by another party; or
  • Termination of this agreement

Data Sharing

Under this agreement and for the purposes of data protection, Age is considered a Data Controller and the Introducer is also considered a Data Controller. Both parties shall comply with Data Protection Legislation and shall be responsible for their respective obligations thereunder. The Introducer is responsible for ensuring that they are appropriately registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Prior to making a Customer referral to Age, the Introducer is responsible for ensuring that express consent has been obtained from the Customer. This consent must state explicitly that the Customer would like to be contacted by Age for more information on the Service(s); and that they may be contacted by Age by email, post and telephone. The Introducer must retain an adequate record of how consent was obtained, for a minimum of five years following the introduction, and shall provide evidence of this consent if requested by Age.

Age is responsible for ensuring that express consent has been obtained from the Customer, prior to sharing their information back to the Introducer.

For any Customer data that Age has permission to share back to the Introducer, the Introducer will ensure that this data is processed and stored lawfully and in accordance with Data Protection regulations.

Neither party shall be held responsible for any damages whatsoever to the other arising from a failure on their part for non-compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

The Customer data that Age receives and obtains during the provision of the Service(s) is held securely and will only be shared with Third Parties where there are contractual arrangements in place that comply with Data Protection Legislation where necessary. For full details about how Age uses and shares data, please read our Privacy Policy.

The Introducer’s data is kept safe and secure and is not shared with any Third Parties, except where required by regulation, or where the Introducer has been introduced to Age by a Network or another Business Partner (the Business Partner) that Age has a relationship with, and in which circumstances it may be necessary for Age to provide the Network or Business Partner with information in respect of the provision of the Service(s) to the Introducer in order for Age to fulfil any obligations to the Network or Business Partner.

The Parties acknowledge that should either Party process Personal Data on behalf of the other, they shall be required to enter into further contractual arrangements that contain any required provisions as prescribed under Data Protection Legislation.

Communications from Age

Age may contact the Introducer from time to time by email, post or telephone where essential for the provision of the Service(s), including communications regarding important changes to the Service(s), or to update the Introducer on the progression of a Customer case where applicable.

In relation to the provision of the Service(s), the Introducer will also receive relevant updates and communications from Age via email.

Financial Promotions

The Introducer agrees to take sole responsibility for the channel and content of any promotions that it may conduct in relation to the Services, except where expressly agreed otherwise.

If the Introducer is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it should satisfy itself that any financial promotions are conducted in line with its regulatory obligations.

If the Introducer is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it should satisfy itself that any promotions in relation to the Services are accurate and not in breach of any statutory regulations. If in doubt the Introducer should seek guidance from a suitable third party.

We hold the right to review Introducer websites and may provide feedback as part of our ongoing due diligence.


This agreement may be terminated at any time, without penalty, by either party giving notice in writing to that effect to the other. Such termination shall not affect the rights or obligations of the Introducer or Age in respect of business already completed or Customers who have already been referred by the Introducer to Age.

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