Pension Income Advice

We are able to offer the following products through our service:

Pension Annuities

We offer a whole-of-market comparison service that enables our customers to shop around in order to achieve a higher income from their pension. We also specialise in obtaining enhanced rates from our customers, which can provide an even greater level of income, potentially as much as 30% more.

Pension Drawdown

For clients who are interested in Pension Drawdown, our friendly advisors will recommend the best option for them based on your needs, circumstances and attitude to risk. In addition, their circumstances and investment performance will be regularly reviewed. We have created a range of investment portfolios that are specifically designed to give the opportunity for growth.

Fixed-Term Annuities

For clients who would like a combination of certainty and flexibility, Age Partnership's fixed-term annuity service allows clients to compare the various products and select the best service for their needs.

Clients who would prefer to receive advice from us on their pension income options at retirement can speak to one of our advisers and receive a personal recommendation, subject of course to your preferences.

Our Pension Income Advice service offers advice on the options provided through our guidance, and also a wider range of products including Investment-Linked annuities.

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