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Pension Income Recommend-a-friend scheme

Age Partnership are thrilled we were able to help with your pension and we hope that our service met all of your expectations. Did you know, we offer a Pension Income refer-a-friend scheme?

If you choose to recommend us to your friends and family we will send you £100 in cash as a thank you when their pension completes. Plus, we will also give the person you referred £100 cash. The number of referrals is not restricted, you can refer any number of friends and family members and still receive £100 in cash for every pension that completes.

  • We'll give you £100 when your friend's case completes;
  • We’ll also will give your recommended friend £100 cash; and
  • There's no limit to how many people you can refer to us.

Benefits of choosing Age Partnership:

  • Great deals from across the market with leading providers;
  • Lifetime Annuities - a guaranteed pension income for life;
  • Fixed-Term Annuities - security now & flexibility in the future; and
  • Drawdown - flexible access to your savings.

Please ensure you have received the permission of your friend or family member(s) to pass their details on to us before doing so. We may refer to this permission when contacting them.

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