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Pension Income Recommend-a-friend scheme

Age Partnership are thrilled we were able to help with your pension and we hope that our service met all of your expectations. Did you know, we offer a Pension Income refer-a-friend scheme?

If you choose to recommend us to your friends and family we will send you £100 in cash as a thank you when their pension completes. Plus, we will also give the person you referred £100 cash. The number of referrals is not restricted, you can refer any number of friends and family members and still receive £100 in cash for every pension that completes.

  • We'll give you £100 when your friend's case completes;
  • We’ll also will give your recommended friend £100 cash; and
  • There's no limit to how many people you can refer to us.

Benefits of choosing Age Partnership:

  • Great deals from across the market with leading providers;
  • Lifetime Annuities - a guaranteed pension income for life;
  • Fixed-Term Annuities - security now & flexibility in the future; and
  • Drawdown - flexible access to your savings.

Please ensure your friend/family member is happy for you to share their details with us.

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